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Eva_PT Level 2


  • It works again on my J5 2017 samsug galaxy! No idea how but yes! Thank you!
  • I completly understand and that okay if you're talking about my oldest phone. But the J5 2017 is not that old. I have no issues with farm heroes but with Diamond diaries saga I do. It keep crashing.
  • I wonder that myself but noone told me it was a possibility. It's still a problem though because that doesn't explain while my other phone (j5 2017) has the same problem... Although with that oneI can play farm heroes. The one that crashes is Diamond diaries saga. Do we need to get a new phone every year to be able to…
  • Yes I understand. I realized a few days ago that I can't play any king games on my s4 mini. I try to instaleed a different one and it still didn't worked. What is weird is that i reinstalled the diamond saga on my J5 2017 (the farm heoes still work on that one) and it loads but then cashes... It's a shame I was really…
  • Just try that. Didn't wok either. so weird!
  • Hi! Yes I have tried that multiple times in fact. I tried eveything you mention in this post: Again... nothing is working. What the hell? Thanks for the help.
  • Hi! Thank you for your answer. Of course I can wait. I know it's Thankgiving holiday in U.S.A. (Happy holiday!) =) I'm in Portugal and we don't have that holiday here but to be honest when I posted my issue I didn't think about it. Well the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, I bought in 2014, while Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 I bought in…
  • Hi @Lim Thank you for your reply. Yes, it change for a bit during the time it had the problem but before and after it's the same. It's a hard level to bet when you don't have any help but I think the blast that showed up would help. Thank you.

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