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Kazza-3 Level 3


  • I’ve been wondering what the green candies with the cameras on them are all about. Now I see from other posts that there is a Camera Collection. I don’t have this in my game so right now they are there for no reason. I got Top That back, and the win 10 Episode thing - no chance there - but nothing to do with the Movie…
  • I managed to make it to level 19, but there’s no way I could have made it any farther. It would have been nice to have more time. I don’t know if it would be possible to reach the last tier when you can only play 2-3 hours a day. And I wish we could have played old levels to collect the blues.
  • It is generous with the rewards. Not a fan of the animation of the big blue candies splashing onto the screen when you pass a level.
  • Very cute @snakegore999 ! I’m in southern Ontario & was lucky enough to see it. It was pretty spectacular!
  • @Suelaw have you tried closing the game & restarting it?
  • After 9 years of playing I thought I was addicted but I haven’t opened the game for 2 weeks & am doing just fine. I have the same frustrations as everyone else. Three days on one level is not fun. And the inequalities between players’ games, for example I’ve never had ads, is just ridiculous. I will start playing again…
  • Nothing “new and improved” about it. Having to use party boosters or UFOs to complete it for the rewards offered is ridiculous. No choice but to let the timer run out as I don’t have 3 party boosters to use for the last task. Another unfortunate change.
  • I’m curious about what you mean by “balanced gameplay for everyone”. Do you mean a balanced blend of easy & difficult? Because the higher you go in the game, levels are almost all difficult, even when not marked so. There is no “balance” in the events available in-game. I’m competing in the episode race with people with…
  • I agree it’s very annoying. And there’s even a bug in the Candy Royale pop up - sometimes I get it twice. I hit play like I’m forced to do, then it pops up again. So I have to hit play again. Makes it twice as annoying.
  • Got this in my game this morning… so if I use 220 gold bars I win 20? How does that make sense? I must be missing something here.
  • The shaking bobbers appeared in my game this morning & they are awful. I’m on a level where there is a full column of them down each side of the board. They’re extremely distracting & almost nauseating to look at. Like @Alienscar said, it’s completely unnecessary. Yet another pointless change in the game.
  • Absolutely agree, although mine was 25 levels for 25 gold bars. Passing 25 new levels in 24 hours is not feasible for me, unless of course I don’t sleep, go to work, look after the family etc. I would have to use so many boosters & gold bars to do it that the end reward just wouldn’t be worth it.
  • Those are some very impressive rewards! Mine changed for the worse. I get the regular boosters - colour bomb, striped/wrap etc - but I no longer get a timed UFO. My win streak rewards also got a downgrade, the first level reward only gives a striped candy, no more colour bomb. It’s very annoying.
  • They arrived in my game today & I’m not really a fan. Why change them? They are very un-Candy Crush & don’t feel like they belong in the game. I would prefer they fix the various glitches, such as the last cherry not appearing in a level, than giving us something that is nothing more than an unnecessary cosmetic change.…
  • I agree @Carol-38 it’s so frustrating. I miss the UFO, it was the only way to win one. Years ago when we could collect sugar drops (remember them?) they did the same thing, changing the rewards to timed ones. They did eventually change them back but I think it was months before that happened. And then they discontinued…
    in Daily Win Comment by Kazza-3 March 2023
  • In the 3rd screenshot you can switch the waffle in the lower left with the purple candy below it. In all your screenshots you can switch a candy with one that’s under the ice. They are tricky to see. Do you have the hints turned on? If you do it should indicate the move.
  • There’s nothing wrong, there are some levels where you don’t get to use starting boosters. Level 4600 is one of them.
  • They’re testing a different chocolate box where all you get are timed rewards for completing each box. And they have removed the 30 & 60 minutes of unlimited play from the silver & gold ones. You’re one of the unfortunate players who has to suffer with it. A truly terrible idea.
  • Most people here don’t believe the whole “test feature” explanation. Like cookiemae I’ve never had the option to watch ads in over 8 years of playing, & for years have been given the same excuse. I know there are millions of players worldwide but statistically it surely should have been given to everyone to try by now. The…

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