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MrKizart Level 3

I’m not having a nice day at all. I’m thinking of leaving this community because it feels like so much work just to go nowhere. God that race challenge really put me in a fowl mood. I’ve worked so hard and spent so much money to pass levels and these kids are posting FIVE HUNDRED LEVELS?! Like, ugh! Fuck this! My entire time here has been like this and I wanna know, what’s the plus side to this community? No one interacts or talks. It’s just, another tactic aimed at a money grab. The only thing successful I’ve done is put money and attention towards King and their games. God I’m so angry right now. Just getting badges that I’ve earned is a job. This feels pointless now. I’m not in a good headspace, my apologies but someone else HAS to see this too, right?!


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