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  • What’s with having to win energy bars to get Bubblegum Hill? Had not heard that. Had BGH for a few weekends but haven’t seen it lately. It’s one of the main reasons I play this game. Is it back or not? There can’t be that much “technical difficulty “ with it.
  • Would it be possible to get Bubblegum Hill or the daily challenges? I’ve completed the highest level and have nothing to do but wait for another episode race. Meanwhile, my time is ticking away on the purchases I made and there’s nothing to do but re-play stages I’ve already passed and there’s no purpose in that. Thanks.…
  • Please bring back BGH . It’s not the same without it. Once you reach a certain level, there’s nothing to do but play levels you’ve already played until another episode race comes along (that’s what I’ve been put in-ugh!) which only happens for me about every 4 days. That is so boring but with BGH you always have something…
  • Finally! So glad to reach 5000!
  • Forget I bothered you. As soon as I went back to the game, the bank paid up. Sorry!
  • It is boring. I have watched almost 200 hours of time tick away because there’s nothing to play. I am in the episode race, which I detest, and I’ve lost Bubblegum Hill. I bought 2 of the Easter specials thinking that it would be great to have that much time to play since we were all quarantined. What I forgot to remember…
  • I did contact player support more than once. The best I’ve been offered is unlimited lives for a couple of weeks. I’m at the highest level I can go in the game. I have 38 stars on my piggy bank. I was at day 380 (which should have been much higher than that but I had to miss a day). I’m now at day 16. Bubblegum Hill is…
  • Don’t mean to butt in,but I’d like to know what clearing cache is too and how often we should be receiving new levels. I’m now in a weekly game where you clear as many new levels as possible. I can’t participate because there are no new race episodes, which is the only way I get new levels.
  • Thank you. I’m still having problems today. Not sure what I could have done wrong.
  • Thank you for responding. I did receive a notice today that I was successful and to check back on November 26th to see how many gold bars I won. I was just wondering about the Episode Race because I’ve been in that challenge for a while. Before that it was Kimmy and several others. Appreciate the help!
  • I am playing the game on my apple iOS iPad and my King Game ID is 10213525159667705. Beth is the first tech advisor to help me and 7767225 is the case number. I had just purchased $149.99 package and realized there were no more levels to play. This is a timed situation so I was watching $149.99 tick off the clock without…
  • Went from approx Level 2910 & 11,000+ gold bars to Level 1 & 50 gold bars in Soda Saga. Don’t know what happened. Beth said she could get me back to right place if I signed in and referenced ticket number 7767225. I’ve been signed in for almost 24 hours but haven’t heard anything. Afraid to open game. Could someone please…

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