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Susancarol Level 2


  • @KimElston thank you for explaining the way to reply. I am playing Level 184 now, as previously mentioned, I play every day and do not get the rewards I used to get for doing so. When I win a level, my score does not change either. I am playing Bubble Witch Sage 3. Hope you can help. I have turned it on and off and nothing…
  • I am on level 182, have played for past 4 days, received no rewards. My score has not gone up either, what is the point of playing if you don't receive the points when you win? This game appears seriously flawed, considering I have played it on and off for years. Are you able to assist me please? Susan Carol
  • I have no idea what CM is? What do the initials stand for? Best wishes Susan Carol
  • Dear Kim Thank you for your reply, I close the game down every day and my laptop is also shut down completely. I have noticed I do not have a game ID, it just calls me 'YOU' which I don't believe was always the case. The only other name I would go by is Susan Carol. Thank you for your help Susan Carol

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