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XyLy Level 2


  • The issue is solved then. Thank you very much.
  • I connected only one account to the game. The other only exists on this site. The two accounts are connected to two seperate emails and the one I use to play is not able to be connected to the forum (this site), i don't know what's wrong there. But anyways the one I want deleted is the one you are writing with. So the XyLy…
  • Then can you delete this account please.
  • Hey I got my account back, as I could still login into it via the game after reinstallement, I changed the email of the account so that the 2 accounts won't be mixed up again.
  • I had an account of the name of XyLy with over 1000 stars which I opened in August or September of 2021, I forgot the e-Mail I connected it to, but no E-mail of mine worked when logging in. I accedintally created this account, which is a new one with the same name as the old one, which should be impossible as you don't…

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