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circleaman Level 2


  • Hello fellow crushers, I'm having an issue with my UFO not showing up. I recently switched phones. Kept my progress, but no longer getting the balloons from completing levels nor am I given the chance to get 2 or 3 extra moves. Anybody else experiencing this issue? I've submitted 2 tickets, but it's been a week now. I'm…
  • Well, that's what confused me because my wife still has hers and mine has been going for weeks. I didn't know they removed it for "some" players. It's a shame, because I'm I was on a 58 first win streak.
  • Will do. Thanks!
  • Yes, I mean Allen's journey. Mistakingly called his spaceship a UFO. But, thanks for letting me know it wasn't a "me" issue.
  • Thanks for the reply. My current version is already up to date. I did clear my cache and restarted my game and played a level, but it didn't work. Still no UFO for me. Thanks though!

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