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scillianqueen Level 2


  • Okay figured that out screenshot ... within all the different episode’s and its pics, seems like something is hidden. Anyhow I did try googling it and couldn’t find anything SO PROB NOT
  • Hi..!!!! So yeah, the main map has all these pictures on it. For instance, I’m on level 725(boneyard bonanza) and it looks like the two trees fit together or there is a puzzle in there somewhere..?? Kind of hard to explain. But is there a game or trick built into the main map.... I’m kind of old so I’m not sure how to…
  • so I first downloaded the Crush way back when first came out. I played for about a year or so. Recently just got a new phone and thought to myself, “ should start playing again”. Well that was about 2 months ago and now I am totally addicted more then ever. I swore I would never put my debit # in computer for anything...…

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