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skyllarmom Newbie


  • Exactly I say the samething. It’s unfair because I know I play often and I play good
  • I love the game infact I’m somewhat addicted. But recently I’m a bit disappointed. I know I play good but candy crush have you stuck on one level for almost a day and a half. Sometimes I go on YouTube to see how other persons win the game, they have more moves than me on the same level, to me that’s unfair. They don’t give…
  • Well I stopped playing since last week. It’s starting too get annoying and their very cheat. I won all the rounds coming up too the finals for the competition they had last week. When it came down too the finals I started winning one level a day or none at all. I can’t be bothered to cheat
  • Candy crush is beginning to get on my nerves! To cheat and it’s delaying my progress unnecessarily I don’t even get ads to win boasters I can’t anymore

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