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tlsunshinein1 Newbie


  • If I wanted to play BBW3 I would have, so tell me why the other games are STILL available on PC and not BBW2. Makes NO sense to take a popular game away from the PC, and put it on mobile only. Many senior citizens and those with seeing issues struggle to see such a small screen. Guess we who made your games so popular are…
  • Well, if thats the case you can remove all my progress. I refuse to try and see the damn game on a 4 inch screen as opposed to a 17 inch. You are about to lose MANY gamers because if this asinine move. Have a good game, it was fun while it lasted. SMMFH!!!
  • Bubble witch 2 is not loading. I have been playing for years and this has been going on for days. On on a PC playing through FB

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