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Level 351 - that's me done then

Baz_JamesBaz_James Posts: 861 Level 3

Level 345 is I suspect impossible without additional help from boosters and extra turns so I acquired some, very much against my principles in the hope that it was a one-off. I don't know whether level 351 is possible with additional help but I am absolutely certain it is impossible without it (and it should be obvious to the designers why!) so, as I'm not willing to part with any more cash and King, unlike all its other games seems to have no plans to make free boosters available, I regret that it sees the end of my involvement with the game.

It has been by far the best of the King games to date providing a balanced combination of skill and luck and I have done very well passing every level up to 351 with 3 stars so it is not a game that I willingly give up. But one can only flog a dead horse for so long. King, it seems, just can't help pressing the self-destruct every now and then.


  • hillahilla Posts: 13 Level 2

    I see that you are playing on King.com. If you are able to play the game on the phone, you can get free gold by watching videos. I watch the videos and get the gold and then play on King.com or Facebook. Watching the videos doesn't always work, but then you'll just have to reload the game.

  • Endure.  345 is _possible_ without boosters (in fact it's possible without +2 moves, although I don't recommend you try this :) but it's a luck based mission - you're wanting to start with a 6 or 7 letter word finishing in the second or second to last column, and there's not a lot of scope for things not going well from there.  I gave up several times on word 1 or two.

    351 I've only tried once! I think the key is going to be not leaving the odd isolated bubble but again a good start is clearly necessary.  Agree it's a bit of a poor show that luck is an increasing factor at the higher levels, but they have to make a living somehow...

  • Master_FuMaster_Fu Posts: 8
    edited November 2016

    345 and 351 can both be done without boosters, but with a lot of patience!

    345 was more difficult for me and took me maybe 150 tries over more than a month. In 351 I got lucky after around 60 tries (with +1 move).

    Strategy: Abandon poor hands immediately. No use to continue unless you got 11 or more bubbles in the first two moves. Go for long words, and keep hitting the block at the bottom. It helps if you get a horizontal blue on the bottom line (after shuffling, pure luck). 352 is very easy again – a first try success story. So keep going! :)

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