why do I send out friend requests and no one responds...or adds ?

kingrogerkingroger Posts: 3
it's ok I'm just wondering if they receiving the requests or not.


  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,756 Community Moderator
    Hi @kingroger :waving:

    Are you sending out requests for your Facebook friends? Can it be that you are sending out requests for friends that are not playing? 

    If you're playing connected to Facebook at times the requests do not go through. This is due to millions of requests being sent through the network. But it's always worth re-sending those messages. 

    You can also create a Kingdom account and try your luck with your Kingdom friends. Here's how to create a Kingdom account and sync it with your Facebook account. 

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  • kingrogerkingroger Posts: 3
    thank you but I play through king.com I don't use the face book network for games.

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