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tabitha008 Level 2


  • @MountainMom Hello you know what don't even bother, I have been dealing with this issue since November, and the support for this game obvious doesn't give a shit [other than you..and thanks] This game really isn't worth it to me, it stopped being fun not only because of the issues and because it takes almost 80 attempts toโ€ฆ
  • I have windows 10, over 400 on the free space on drive C, windows last updated sunday Feb 5
  • @MountainMom no I only have this device.
  • I have windows 10, over 400 on the free space on drive C, windows last updated sunday Feb 5
  • @MountainMom I play on
  • I have windows 10, over 400 on the free space on drive C, windows last updated sunday Feb 5
  • I play this game on a pc computer not a mobile so nothing you wrote really relates. Thanks though...
  • @MountainMom my issue is when the characters are loading their candies [as in Misti collects orange candies] it to almost being full when it suddenly drops back to zero without finishing the amount needed to apply the booster. This happens with every character. Also now when I open the game it takes over 15 mins to loadโ€ฆ
  • DieOmimi I never buy anything with real money either. Very rarely do I win on the first time or in the first 10 times either, most times the minimum is 25 times them highest on an non event is 76 times. I am on level 2803, thank you for at least listening...
  • I'm not a newbie... I have been paying for a couple years, at one time I had several extra costumes including misti the movie star then my game crashed and I lost everything. Now after several attempts with other characters I can't be bothered. It takes too many attempts ....
  • Actually I have been playing for quite a while, but the game stops being enjoyable if it takes over 25 times to win...let alone over 80 that just tells me to not bother!
  • Personally I don't see any sense in playing the never win!!! The last one I played was misti the movie star and after 85 attempts at level3 with still NO win I think it's a complete waste of time!!! Just like trying to get usually takes the minimum of 25 times just to complete one level, thereโ€ฆ
  • I take that there is NO way to win level 10 on this event, currently I have played this level 113 times!!! Only once did I receive any boosters and gee guess what that didn't help either!!! This game is so pathetic normal levels take the minimum of 25 times to play!! But the events WTF!!!
  • Tell me ... does anyone ever win in these events. One week into this event my game crashed. I was on level 2147 , luckily the tech team could at least put me on the same level but I lost every character that I had. Being in week 3 of the event I did level 3 for 5 days -no win level 4 for 4 days- no win etc. until the veryโ€ฆ
  • just many attempts does it take to achieve level 10 because I've done this level 93 times and I'm done! Done playing this game period. I don't expect to win the first time but 93 times that is ridiculous. It's not just this either the regular game is the same most cases its between 15 to 50 times per level.โ€ฆ

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