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⚡️ Bubblicious Tournament: Cursed Bubble vs Chameleon Bubble

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Dear Witches & Wizards,

It's time for a new round of our Bubblicious Community Tournament?

⭐️ Which is your favorite...

The Cursed Bubble or Chameleon Bubble?

⭐️ Some information about these blockers:

The Cursed Bubble blocks the way. A bubble shot at a cursed bubble becomes infected as well.

The Chameleon Bubble changes color after every shot.

⭐️ What can you win?

Once we close the poll, all players who vote for the winning blocker will receive a badge featuring that blocker! 🤩

⭐️How much time do I have?

You have until the 27th of June, 5 pm CEST to vote!

Vote below and tell us the reasons behind your choice 😊

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⚡️ Bubblicious Tournament: Cursed Bubble vs Chameleon Bubble

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