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🔮Let's also bring the trivia fun to BW2 😍

PrettyBubbles Posts: 22,423 Bubble Witch Moderator

Hi Bubbleicious stars🤹‍♀️⭐

@Princess_Jessica @Pitty_Kitty and @Queen_Elsa have been working hard to create lots of fun activities across the community

Lets support them in their trivia fun 👾

Can you get all the answers..

1. Halloween is the second busiest holiday after which one ?

2. Which holiday has the top candy sales valentines day or Halloween ?

3. Which store in the USA produces the most pumpkins ?

4.What was the original name for candy corn?

5. Who wrote the horror classic Frankenstein and what was the name of the monster Frankenstein created ?

Our friendly characters are standing by as they are very interested in reading your answers

Lets get thinking guys and most of all have fun 🥳



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