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🔮BW2 boosters explained 🌟

PrettyBubbles Posts: 22,491 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited January 2023 in Discussions

Hi 🙋‍♀️ Bubblicious players!

Some of you who are new to the game have not yet gotten the hang of how to use your boosters so I thought this thread will be helpful 💓

Here is your front page view 👇

From left to right we have your rainbow 🌈 booster use this to clear a group of the same colour bubbles

Next we have your fire booster 🔥 this is a rare booster so use it wisely it will blast a fire line that will go through anything including blockers, animals and morgana shields

Next is your morphys wand🧨 this hand further up your level it will change all bubbles to 2 colours only making it easier to complete

Here we have your select play screen👇

Starting at the top line left to right you have your oracle select this and you will have a choice of 3 colours 🚥 to use instead of 2

Next you have your sparkle shower 🚿select this and sparkling dust will disburse bubbles in your level opening up some pathways

Next is your extending aim 💯 select this to extend the wand giving you an accurate aim

The bottom line left to right you have your lava bubble select this and use it to blast through 3 bubbles or blockers each time you use it another one will appear it will not however clear the turning wheels

Next you have your plus 10 moves

And finally you have your fairy 🧚‍♀️ helper select this and it will randomly add a +3 or line booster to your level each time you use the addition it will add another one

I hope this helps

Any questions please feel free to ask 💓



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