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PrettyBubbles Posts: 24,237 Bubble Witch Moderator
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Hi bubbleicious guys and gals 🤹‍♂️🤹‍♀️

We would love to receive some feedback from you 🙏

Please take a little time to reply to the following. In return we will place this beautiful "Thank You" badge on your wall

Thank you @bearwithme for our beautiful badge 💓

Feedback questions:

1. How often do you play BW2 ❓

2. How often do you visit the BW2 community ❓

3. What attracts you to check out our community ❓

4. Can we make it more enjoyable for you ❓

Let's work together in making your BW2 community one of the best. I am looking forward to reading all your feedback 💓

Until: April 11th at 13:00 (CET)

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