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MIA* bingo team “quests”/players 🙄

ashriver924 Posts: 5 Pro Player 👑

I find it immensely annoying when random players join in on a new bingo game and do absolutely nothing to help clear the card whatsoever. Despite the numerous attempts to tell them to “free their tile” which they never do, they also love picking the tiles that hinder completion of the board altogether. Not only picking one with no intention of completing the tile, they strategically pick one that blocks the comp of 2 rows. It’s mind blowing how aggravating something like this is for players who just want to get it over with and move along with their lives (literally and figuratively.) Conveniently enough, one out of every 3 new bingo games does this happen. I’m fully aware others know about this issue, the main one being “King’s” tech support, yet nothing has been nor will be done to help get this leeches outta the bingo games. Just ughhhhhhhh. How is this even a thing?!


  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 21,066 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @ashriver924 I hear you're frustration my friend as I along with many others experience this too

    Unfortunately king can't set it to remove players as it would mean restarting a new board each 24hrs which would mean a whole new program and we would then loose out on what tiles we would of cleared 💓

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