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A tribute to my dear Grandmother

Sid11 Posts: 1 Newbie

A couple of days ago, my grandmother passed away. She was 72 at the time, she helped raise me when my mother was out working and my dad was nowhere to be found. It's been a tough week without her, with every little thing reminding me of the amazing times we spent together. As I was looking through her phone for pictures, I couldn't help but be reminded of her favorite game! She actually played Bubble Witch so much it was burned into her phone's screen. Not once but twice! She was a devoted player, getting all the way to level 3168. In my 20 years of living anytime there was a moment she would be playing always trying to advance one more level before we had to go. I remember helping her beat some tough levels on long drives. I remember sitting on a hotel balcony looking over the ocean and seeing her firing away at the game! She just loved it. I'm not sure I saw her enjoy any other game or TV show as much as she enjoyed Bubble Witch 2.

It's probably a vain hope, but it would be nice to see some kind of tribute, and even if there is no tribute, I think the devs would enjoy hearing how much joy the game brought to her.

Anyway, thanks for all the happy memories.


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