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🔮BW2 ID's request 🔮

PrettyBubbles Posts: 23,187 Bubble Witch Moderator

Hi bubbleicious players

Want to receive your rewards quickly if you are winner in any of our contests

then please take a moment to post your BW2 ID this can sometimes be different from your other games

You can find this by selecting profile

From your start up screen then double tap the word king at the top of page this will reveal your ID which we need to reward you or for any game issues you may have

Thank in advance for your time 💓

@Amoonmoon @wykoon @Princess_Jessica @EnergizerBunny @siti_payung @PummyRaj @kiara_wael @teresawallace44 @Sukanta_Biswas @rebelchild @BubbleGumSoda @EOTheGr8 @MirnaMi @CassD @me6412 @DieOmimi @Glenn1972 @Pitty_Kitty @Moh1977 @maf34100 @LeFlarcane @spoekie @Angel_Natasha @Racoon7 @GrammaGaming @Boybinary @aautz1 @bearwithme @BQN537 @carmenechevarria @MiladyR @KCullen127 @Palash_Sarma @encantes @greddycandy @Elviramartinez_61 @Lemurtek @gordan10 @andreah1 @Lady_Choo @hechicerilla @Terri_1 @johamilton @teeweiping @Lisal6715 @Kiki_g @Gisa77 @EweNaNa @Nikolaos_Prodromidis @Nadia1770 @Magnolia4 @Xxander @LuffyTheYonko @Tesdec79 @juliebrow59 @Jarkko @Eva1971 @Pruittsd @giliebeane @arquerosuertudo @HassRash1437 @blodyhell669 @Selleck4608 @Dee1027 @Steffi1974 @anitalahuerfanita61 @박선희 @skv63 @Rabelabs @Chunchu @RMadrid_Girl @jaykame @jgrayson @Minkedoos73 @hernandez7566 @Nanabron @vissenna @Clau009 @Rikex @ceheon @LucianaMeneses @_Jess @DanielleGrierson @Jaylinn @Viva1220 @jjbad67 @MichaelJS @prajyo @skoontzie @NarelleD @eyeforbeauty @sarapatane @Lisa_Prusha @dabrta @Priscila_O @keenids23 @Lyn73 @Anandagomes @Offthewollman @MandiT0825 @Marion53 @Ronaldopapiu @juliegordon @hagbong @torinaw @abolsley @cirntri @keelrocha @Mey_44 @PriscillaV @Reedev @heidari @luisa_vilchis1 @Circe58 @smithbethanyn @sheila82867 @miao419 @ReginettaS @AsHiiA @Jolande29 @keelrocha @thatwoof @myscott @Naples7722 @missapage @kokak2018 @duff_at_this @nk1124



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