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Haotyk Newbie


  • Hello @Diamond Lim , @PummyRaj Thank you for your warm welcome and now with your shared info all is much clear .. "as diamond's" I was just worried that the browser game was blocked. Also thank you for the congratulation ! I hope to see more and more Diamond Diaries Hunter in the future and I know there are a lot more…
  • Hello King Team, I hope i get an an answer and is clear for every one On Windows PC - browser game or via Facebook Gameroom - game is stuck on lvl 1415, ** I win already beat this lvl thinking that may be is just a bug, but still after winning the game remain stuck on lvl 1415 On mobile i am on lvl 1549 and keeps on going…
  • I am so gland when I pass one impossible lvl.. then boom this one .. 10 moves .. is imposible where minimum 8 we need for the sheeps. Please provide more moves !

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