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scrfta Level 2


  • Ok I'd like to give a big shout-out to the Dev team for fixing the problem so quickly, also a big thanks to @PrettyBubbles for handling the problem here and reporting the issue. All seems fine and back to normal for me now. Hopefully all the others too.
  • I'll wait to see if there's any updates that sort it. I do have a lot of boosters built up, I'm hoping nothing I've done so far has deleted them. Thanks for the assistance
  • Ok thanks. I've sent a crash report so hopefully the dev team will be able to sort it in a future update. I'll just wait patiently 😀
  • 6.8 gig free on my phone, game version is 1.154.2, I went on the play store and there is no update pending. I have cleared the cache for this app and it makes no difference. I appreciate the help, it just appears that something in the new update has broken the game for people on older devices.
  • Well it's definitely a mobile device, Samsung galaxy s9. Yes it's an older Samsung but it still works perfectly fine and all other games still play ok. I'm certainly not upgrading my phone because of a game.
  • Ok so I did everything you asked and still nothing. When I select the level I'm on in the world map the game just force closes. Also, since logging out and back in my messages have vanished so I assume I have lost all of my stored lives. I'll also guess that I have lost all my saved boosters (I had lots!!!) Looks like the…
  • I fail to understand why this problem is somehow being linked to something Facebook has done or changed. I have been playing BW2 for quite a few years now along with a couple of other games but not once ever have I connected anything to Facebook. I am one of those extremely rare people that doesn't even use…
  • Yep, game is messed up again. I'm on the verge of uninstalling this game now. Not fun to play anymore when things go wrong like this.

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