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    December 13
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    December 13
    • Lim
      Congrats! Candy Crush Players! 🎉🎉🎉
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  • You encourage dialogue by dropping people’s names… Job done!
    December 13
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  • il gioco non si apre da qualche giorno. Viene una dicitura che dice "qualcosa è andato storto, ricarica"
    cosa devo fare per giocare di nuovo come prima? Grazie
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  • Glenn1972
    Hi SupriyaV I saw where you ask for help on level 5951. You are doing great, just keep doing what you have been doing and you will have no problem.
    I would like to ask how you attained such a high rank you have? Have not seen very many that high. Any tips?
    • SupriyaV
      @Glenn1972 - thank you for your kind words 😊 😁
      I have been playing Candy crush for quite some years now... Some levels(from the beginning) were really tough and it took me 2 or 3 weeks to get past them.. because they weren't many boosters or any timed boosters concept earlier 😅😅😂😂😂..
      Later when boosters came in i used to collect them and then start the game.. it usually helps a lot 😉.
      Recently there have been some other booster options like space Battleship etc, which ease the game.. but that being said i still do get stuck at levels even now 😂😂😂
  • thomas975
    Nice nick name!!!
  • Candy Crush sugar Events On India 
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  • hi frds

  • Bettieboop53Bjay
    @Xarly I had to change my profile name. Is there any way to combine them. It was Bjay now Bettieboop53Bjay. I don't want to lose my badges and points already earned. What can I do? Also I've reached the 4000 level of CCS. 
  • @Elsa Thank you for answering my question about my own signature. You also offered to let me use some of your art creations. I would be most honored to have it for my signature. As far as what I would like to use, being a man I would kike to use something appropriate. Nothing big or flashy. One of my favorite quotes is "We are just walking each other home".
    I would also like to include a link to the Beginners Corner which in the past I copied from you. I have just started reading about link overlays in Word. That would take me a while to learn but I am not in a rush.
    In closing I want to thank you so much. You are just Cool Beans in my book!!!!
    My most kind regards,
    PS: I am not sure if I am sending this message the correct way. Hope your day is good !!!!
    December 7
    • wafercookieflippers
      Every comment I read from you, Glenn1972, is helpful, kind, and personal. It is very refreshing! This one to Elsa was particularly sweet and very true. She is indeed amazing. Keep going and bringing the great positivity, Glenn1972!
      My warmest regards,
      Wafercookieflippers 💕🐳
    • Glenn1972
      Hi wafercookieflippers, I appreciate you sending that compliment. There is great power in writtren words especially when you sign your name to it. You have given me a lift and made me feel good. I have to say I have enjoyed being here in the Community meeting lots of great people helping others even with kind words which are written in sincerity.
      Thank you very much And my kind regards,
    • Glenn1972
      Hi wafercookieflippers, each day I come here, I scroll down and read your message you sent on Dec 7th. You see what your words can do.
      Hope you are enjoying this holiday seasion.
  • barnesdeb57
    I have an Android & it started about a month ago.i have uninstalled & I stalled several times, play store facebook - candy crush soda to no avail. It will not connect to Facebook

  • perfect_storm
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    December 13
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    December 13
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