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JRN Level 2

I won my gold bars fair and square by playing. Why I need to pay $2.99 to access it. If I need more I am sure i can buy and play. These bars I won by playing. I NEED THEM NOW! I CANNOT / DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THEM. Please GIVE BACK MY GOLD BARS! Thats good sportmanship! You cannot capture in piggy bank and ask for money for it. I really enjoy playing your game. Please give back my gold bats i won fair and square! Thank you.


  • @KimElston, Thank you for your reply. Yes I have the same issues like when i finish first level and move to second and fail the second level, i am forced to play first level again. So from your message I understand that going forward this will be resolved! Thank you again. I will keep ya all posted! Happy bursting bubbles,…
  • I am on level 95 - stuck stale and stinking and close to gove up on this 35 balls on 3000 bubbkes with no perks. Horrble!!
  • If the capacity of the piggy bank is only 50 then i need to have options to choose to get those 50 (which we have now) or to have another way to collect the bars. Its a free game and cannot ask for Forcible spending line this inside the game. At least we should be able to get some rewards or dusts to pay to open the piggy…
  • my piggy bank is full. I do not want to spend $2.99 open my piggy bank. Now when i get star, the gd bars are not going in to the piggy bank and its neither getting added to my gold bars. Now How do i stop it to go to the piggy bank any further ? I am willing to lose my 50 gold bars but want it to be counted with my other 3…

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