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home, and instead of being exhausted 😴, we were super excited 😄 😁 😆 because now it was time for our Halloween 👻 candy 🍫 store! We'd sort our candy 🍭 and arrange the stacks. Part of the fun was seeing which treat was the most popular!! We'd then wager, bargain, and trade our collection items in an attempt to add more of our favorites to our store. Of course, our store would get raided that night by good ol' Dad 👨 LOL 😆 😂 🤣 but it was okay because it took weeks before our stores were ever depleted. I've passed this tradition along to my 3 kids, and they thoroughly understand and appreciate the concept! One day, they will be able to experience this with their own children! It will be even more special to me because I'll get to relive this Halloween 🧛 fun for many years to come!


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