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I wasn't sure if I should put this here, under "Ideas", or where, so I put it both places. But, I wanted to make everyone aware...
Go to the Google Play Store, search for "Google Opinion Rewards" & download it. Make sure notifications is "On". Google sends surveys for you to take. They're usually only a couple of questions & you usually only get 10Β’ for the short ones. But, it happens once (?), or twice (?) a week. It actually adds up fairly quickly. Then, when you want to buy gold, a booster, or whatever, it automatically is the 1st option for "payment" type. And, you can use however much you have & add a credit card or PayPal or whatever to pay the remainder. Of course, it goes without saying, you can only do this with an Android phone. I don't know if Apple has something similar. I think it's neater than cutting butter with a hot knife πŸ”ͺ!
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    Hello @GranBarb,

    Hope you are having a nice day and I am glad to see that you are enjoying the Community :)

    Would you mind me asking which game you are talking about?  Or is it in General?  Just would like to make sure and place this thread in that particular area.  Also, a heads-up.... your post belongs more in "Discussions" area because "Support" section is for Questions =)

    Please let me know and we will go from there.  Please tag me with @ and my name (without space in between) so that I can receive the notification about your reply :+1:

    Thank you & have a great day/evening!
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    @Pummy_Raj, you can use the Google credit for ANY game that is downloaded thru the Google Play Store. And, can be used for ANYTHING on the Google Play Store. Say, for screensavers, whatever. I use it for Candy Crush Friends Saga & Farm Heroes.
    Can you help me move this to where ever it will be seen the most? It can help a lot of people! Thanks! 
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