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What is your favourite game mode? Vote now!

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,220 Community Manager
Hi guys!

I hope you're having a fantastic day :star: 

As we always want to make the game sweeter than ever to you, we would like to know which game mode is your favourite! I personally really enjoy the Find the Animals mode as it involves a lot of explosions (Yeti is my big fav for these kind of levels ;)) What about you?

There are currently 5 game modes:

1 - Free the Octopus

2 - Spread the Jam

3 - Dunk the Cookies

4 - Fill the empty Hearts

5 - Free the Animals

Please vote below! 
All feedback are welcome so don't hesitate to comment below to let us know why! 

Thanks guys, and as usual, have the sweetest day!

What is your favourite game mode? Vote now! 77 votes

Free the Octopus
Eiliesha_JarmanPummyRajSukanta_BiswasAmyRootkiara_waelHockyckodananellefegileCandyCrushinatorMwila_trinahue72644minnie1co619cjoplin17 13 votes
Spread the Jam
Alison_De_SomerMightyWolfAlejHerrBar2k3Mattia_MisterMunnyflew66QueenReineerprosenfieldCw1310vtink14Narta1612dodydrummeroffshorebuzzksummersbreezeEiskalteZicke_86Ashraftish1025KathleenFussellAcvbonnies 23 votes
Dunk the Cookies
Bill_MeginnTaittinger28Hesham_ShaheencaseyanneJoseph45firebombmarkusijawilHassanWeslatibearwithmerainer_12HeshamShaheennanapamelaWrapped_loliSimon888ceappel87Sofia1992 16 votes
Fill the empty Hearts
Charlie_Norrisrabbit777ja1m3mysticalmystySeraphicStarTuttagoestoelevenhotgingerlemonade 8 votes
Free the animals
ElsaD2VQueenMiaJohn-18AlansmartGranBarbDollie67marscrushinitwafercookieflippersbeck4dolphinsAhmed_mansourfrogfaceRegalRenzSparkeltinsarahthemermaidJoe_from_flaska_kris 17 votes

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