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We want your feedback on the Bubble Gum Troll quest!



  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,410 Superstar
    edited July 2019
    Thank you so very much for your prompt and helpful response @CandyCrushinator. I am a Nervous Nelly and greatly appreciate the reassurance that my beloved King Chewy isn’t going anywhere. 😅🥰 I am sure everyone else feels the same way. I hope my team makes it to the end of this mystery level so we can see what’s inside, but regardless this has been a fun and rewarding experience. Thank you. 🙏

    also, Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. 🙂
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  • CandyCrushinatorCandyCrushinator Posts: 48 Kingster
    No Problemo @wafercookieflippers and thank you I had a lovely weekend, it was 77 and sunny with a little breeze aka perfect weather for me :-).

    Also make sure that everyone goes here and enters to win the free swag.


    I don't even have the BGT plushie so please win it and then send it to me :-D.  Kidding
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,410 Superstar
    @CandyCrushinator Haha, I know, right? I feel like the plushie has to be the most coveted prize that ever was. 🤣 
    p.s. if it ever goes on sale, let me know (not kidding) 😉😍
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 23,125 Superstar
    Hello All,

    @Elsa - That rare lollipop you asked about is a striped lollipop it should be in game between the normal and wrapped lollipop

    The color of the striped lollipop threw me off.  It looked like it was a pink background but the actual color in the game is on a white background.  That's why I thought is there a booster that I am not getting.  Is there a reason for the color change?

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  • CandyCrushinatorCandyCrushinator Posts: 48 Kingster
    @Elsa I think it's just related to the lighting in the Candy Surprise opening because the object itself is white, I've told the art team and they'll take a look.  Good eye, thanks! :-) 
  • 1025438500110254385001 Posts: 2 New Bee
    Can’t access bubblegum troll. Please help. User ID 10254385001
  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 3,658 Legend
    @CandyCrushinator thank you your answers are very useful and I am happy that the golden outfit will be safe 😆 I am tring to make the Nutcracker and Odus golden 😄

    Thank you .. you are a real candy crushinator 😊💕💖


  • KajaiKajai Posts: 40 Level 2
    flew66 said:
    Kajai said:

    Have you tried replaying old regular levels with the troll? Does it give points for the team? I haven't tried it myself yet.
    Playing CCF everyday will get you 25 pts towards the BGT quest. However, there will be no more BGT challenge once you hit the maximum level in your OS platform. In other words, you can't get the 100pts by completing the BGT challenge. Right now I can only contribute 25 pts each day until the next update on Wednesday.
    You also get points for rescuing the animals, if you don't beat a special BGT level. It is less than 100 points though. I was hoping if you play an old regular level with the troll, for example level 1342, you would also get those few points for rescuing animals. But I tried it out now and it doesn't work. :-(
  • melhencemelhence Posts: 101 Level 3
    Where and what is this golden dress ?
  • K0607K0607 Posts: 11 New Bee
    edited July 2019

    (EDIT: Unsupported Language)
  • melhencemelhence Posts: 101 Level 3
    Hi..just finished level 1500 and instead of feeling elated I am feeling lost as there is nothing to look forward to..after the high of the troll inspite of the fact that the contest is still on I cant contribute..cant play lower levels for the quest as scrolling is tedious and takes forever..please please do give us the players an opportunity to just type in the number of the level we wish to play and be taken directly to it..at least that way interest in the game is sustained because of the quests..I know this suggestion has been given many times earlier..new levels take time and patience to develop so by making quests more playable it maintains the interest of players who have completed all released levels. Would love to see this being done on priority.
  • yukibearyukibear Posts: 72 Level 3
    edited July 2019

    After few days of playing Bubblegum level, I wish I could at least get to play the game level twice? I feel guilty not contributing enough..*sad*  :(

    P/S: To my team, I will *play*Play*play* to pass more level! 
  • Donna_ChadwickDonna_Chadwick Posts: 15 Level 2
  • DreamDancerDreamDancer Posts: 109 Level 3
    Quest is fantastic.
    Got the troll.
    Spectacularly unimpressed.
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