Any idea why i haven't got any new quests/characters/ability to watch ads for lives refill ever?

dchamaidchamai Posts: 4
Any idea why i haven't got any new quests/characters/ability to watch ads for lives refill ever? Been playing this game for over a year =(


  • neuman1812neuman1812 Posts: 8
    My wife has this game on her pixel 2,  but I don't have it on my android LG thinq.  I have version 1.22.6. No update available.  I'm on level 501
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,928 Community Manager
    Hi @dchamai, @neuman1812 :waving:

    Here is an update on the situation:

    If you got the teaser message, then you should definitely be able to play the event. As it's been mentioned by other players, the best way to trigger it is to make sure to install the latest game update - The quest should then pop up after a few minutes.

    However, I would like to let you know that some of you might not have the event in their game. I understand that this is not ideal for many of you and that's why I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why this happens:
    We’re constantly aiming for the best player experience and sometimes this means that we need to verify what the best option is. In order to do that, we need to check how different groups experience the game.

    Therefore, unfortunately there is no need to send me your game ID as we won't be able to add the event for you this time round. Note that this is just a temporary situation and our Studio is looking at ways to bring more events in the game to everyone. Your feedback will play a big role moving forward. Please let us know all your feedback here and I will make sure it is passed to the Studio (some of our talented game artist and designer might even reply to you directly there) - You can try to reinstall the game, but note that this is not advised as we cannot guarantee that it would bring the event and that would make lose your saved boosters. 

    Thanks everyone πŸ’

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  • marco979marco979 Posts: 2
    My wife has the game and hers she has pop ups that say watch ad , that has never popped up for me . Is there something I need to do ? Please help . 
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