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New Candy Crush Friends challenges!

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There's new challenges that may be you will be getting a huge divine surprises! <3

~ Bonus Run Challenge ~

Play 5 special bonus levels to get special rewards!

I don't know exactly how these levels are look like, Maybe harder then normal levels and you get 5 extra lives and 30 minutes of friendly coloring and ability charge! ;)

If anyone had test this challenge please let me know your feedback about this brand new feature, is levels great? Is the rewards good or not? :love:

~ Mode Challenge ~

This actually a easy challenge and it happens months ago and there's only the jam and ouctopus challenges and en example after you've complete 4 free the octopus levels, you will get a divine surprise! 🎊🎉

What do you think about this challenge? It is good? It is bad? Let me know! ;)

These are only challenges that inside this game so far including the star chaser events and quests! And it's not for everyone just yet because it's still undertesting from the developers but I hope in the future, that you will see these challenges if you don't have them! <3

Just give a feedback and comment if this feature can need changes or not! 🍩🍫🍬🍭🍰❤

Have a great day!

Jelly Queen is here...❤👑

She wants you to build her a magnificent statue and she'll consider joining you in the Candy Kingdom!
Here's more information about it!

~ MightyWolf ~


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