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PrettyBubbles Bubble Witch Moderator

Hi @Vee1 Welcome you just need to work out the values of each character then post the answer for the bottom line👍 As you are new to the community Let me take you on a tour 👫 We will start with the discussion area 📃 Then why not select your game forum 🕹where you will be able to post game specific questions and join contests Bubble witch 3 players can head straight HERE 🤹‍♀️🤹‍♂️ Finally here and here will tell you everything about moving around the community 👀 A tip for you if you want to tag a specific person, type @ then start typing the name, select the name from drop down and it will then turn black. They then will be notified. Happy gaming and have a starlistic day 🌟🙂


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