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amadastwert Newbie


  • I truly have great respect for anyone in the 1k+ that can pull off these star chaser event it's truly a great feat imo! Now all you have to do is complete the 40 star one, so best of luck with it!
  • Hi @autumn_raine . I did receive it but it went away again. Maybe the studio was testing to see how well it went over. There is a vote going on in the ideas section to try to bring it back. The more votes we have the better odds we have I feel . Below I have included the link to vote and comment . Hope this…
  • This si roughly how it works, but you can read more about it here: Instead of filling the Piggy Bank and then buying it, you can choose whether to have a Piggy Bank or not. Just buy an empty one! You'll then be able to collect the Gold that you'll be able to use once the Pig is full (up to 30 Gold Bars). If you do not wish…

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