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kaiser1618 Level 4


  • The one everyone forgets ... the magic tree 🌳 This guy is amazing, sleeping all the time but when he wakes up he gives you an easy to win gift as often as you want (well when you have a team which is not inactive 😅 ).
  • It's indeed a hard level. For each shot you have to anticipate the line shift due to the annoying guys spitting bubbles so that you don't waste your shot. Concerning the spells I have a golden rule, I never use them unless I'm sure that the use of the spell(s) allows me to finish the level.
  • There is no such level ;) Each time there is a level with a unique color it will be red. In fact there is a kind of hierarchy in the colors, a one color level will be red, a level with 2 colors will be red and blue, a level with 3 colors will be red, blue and yellow (if I remember well), then for 4 colors it adds green and…
  • Hi ! Yes there is a badge, the post the proof screen here :
  • I'm not sure, do we really talk about Bubble Witch Saga 3 ? Because I've never saw a "sparkle shower potion" ...
  • This level was indeed not easy, as far as I remember I used 1 booster and the golden hat on this one. During all the way up don't care about the owls, only thing that matters is going upwards to reach the top of the level, once reached the owls are all stuck together so that you can shoot 4 or 5 with a single shot. But…
  • Well sorry it’s @LadyRaffie now :)
  • I just made the test, I started at 27 but didn’t fall back to 18, si there is a bug in your case :/ I know @QueenRaffie switched to another game but maybe she could help or redirect to a new community manager ?
  • Personally I've never won the Leo's cup, most of the time the score of the 1st was nonsense and unreachable..

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