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michimune Level 3


  • michimune
    michimune earned the 200 Comments badge.
    Whose Kingdom? Your Kingdom.
    May 6
  • michimune
    michimune earned the 50 Helpful badge.
    What you say is smart and at least 50 people know it!
    April 16
  • michimune
    michimune earned the 150 Comments badge.
    Some are beginning to wonder if you are the owner…
    April 15
  • michimune
    michimune was promoted to Level 3.

    Wow, you have reached Level 3 in the Community- you're really crushing it!
    Now you can:
    - Create Polls in the Community

    Want your own signature? Just 200 comments more, and you can get one!

    The further you travel, the more King-tastic features you'll unlock 💫
    March 27

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