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(FINISHED) 🎃 Exclusive Halloween Badge! Play trick-or-treat with us 👻

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Hello Jelly Crushers!

Halloween is finally here! 👻
Are you ready to play trick-or-treat with our most Jellycious characters? 

🌟 How to participate

. Look at the image below and guess who scared the jelly out of Jelly Queen with his new Halloween cookie mask!

Who is trick or treating in Candy Crush Jelly Saga?

. Comment below posting the character’s name 

🌟 What do I win?

As a treat, you’ll receive a spooky badge for guessing right the character hidden

🌟But wait! There’s more! 

Once you find the character, go HERE and post all the names of all trick-or-treaters. And if you guessed all of them right...you’ll receive our wonderful Halloween 2020 badge!

You have until Friday 6th of November at 1 pm CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

(gif courtesy of @Elsa )

Have fun and remember.. May the Community be with you! 🚀

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