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Leaving A Game Early

NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 103 Level 2

To the Royal Championship Community:

I don't know if this was ever discussed in the Royal Championship Community, if it has, I am sorry to make a duplicate discussions.When you/player leave a game before the completion of all moves you cheat the other player from possibly "spreading the Jelly " and perfect points for doing so. Me personally, even if I am losing horribly, I finish the game. There has been a lot of times when I am winning, even if not possibly "spreading the Jelly " opponents will disconnect. Some of this is associated with "real players " others are associated with "the studio ". I find it happening more with "the studio " but it happens with "real players too. When this happens you only get the five points for winning the game, not the extra points for "spreading the Jelly" even if they disconnect after you have done so. So, why are you punished for someone disconnecting? I believe you should be given the most points for that game. And in doing so it may be a deteriorate from players and "the studio" from disconnecting because they are losing the game. I hope this is something to implement in some given time. I know there is a lot of moving wheels involved in implementing this, I just hope it is considered.


  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 103 Level 2
    edited May 7

    Here's an example of me staying in a game where I was losing horribly.

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,291 Level 4

    @NatalieG hi!

    This has been discussed multiple times! There is not problem though, that you ask about it again!

    Various people have various opinions, not a need to analyze it.

    We are never going to find a common point to agree here, each one of his/ hers point of view!

    Sorry, but for me this discussion is a case closed! πŸ˜‰

  • tinytara1970tinytara1970 Posts: 247 Level 3


    I think people do it on purpose, sore losers, so to speak, just so you don't get the 7 or more points you could have received if they finished the match and lost. Personally, I never do that either, I finish the match. Winning or losing, I stay until the end, because it's the right thing to do or right way to play. Sometimes though and I'm sure this has happened to a lot of us, I get booted by the system. Ya know, where you get the "no internet" and we are disconnected from the game? Or, you just get booted for some unknown reason, unknown to me anyway, LOL!!! Curious though ... what do you mean by the " the studio?" Are you saying that we don't always play against real people, that we are sometimes competing against bots? If so, WOW, I had no idea "the studio" played against us or that we weren't always competing against other real players/people! That would be disappointing as I'm sure, like me, a lot of us are playing RC FOR the fun of competing against other "PEOPLE!"

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 103 Level 2


    Thanks for answering. I know there are a lot of opinions regarding something like this. I just hoped something could possibly be implemented regarding this. I love playing Royal Championship, regardless if I win or lose (I am somewhat annoyed by how I lose) but always enjoy the game. It just seemed so wrong for you not get ALL your points even if you spread the Jelly because someone disconnected before you got the message "you spread the Jelly ". When that happens, you only get the five points when you have earned more.

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,291 Level 4

    @NatalieG , I have almost the same feelings as you, I am annoyed only when I loose in some "strange" way! I enjoy all the other matches, win or lost.

    The only that could make studio to change this situation, is to give the +2 points to the winner, if the other player leaves!

    Anyway, this is a studio's decision! Maybe we have to ask it .....again! 😁

    @Lady_Sarina ,your opinion and your help Jelly Sister! πŸ™‚

  • NatalieGNatalieG Posts: 103 Level 2

    Today I have been having opponents leave the game when I am about to score the max points for the game. This has been so annoying, especially when I am about to "Spread The Jelly ". It's depriving me of the points I should be getting. Also if the " You Spread The Jelly " doesn't come up quickly and my opponent disconnected, I only get five points. This too has been happening quite often. Can anyone do anything about this? Or, who do I need to contact regarding this?

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,291 Level 4

    Unfortunately, nobody can do something about this! Actually, some of them may be because of "no internet", some of them, but this is the main reason because it is not right to think about penalty etc... πŸ˜‰

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 2,376 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @NikolaosProdromidis

    Thanks Jelly Brother :0)

    I've made a note of it to discuss at the next meeting and see how we go from there.

    I'm thinking you're spot on with the no penalty and the possibility of 2 points. Will see about workability :0)

    🌻 Be Considerate πŸ‘‹ Be Friendly πŸ˜‚ Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun πŸŽͺ 🌼 Jelly (RC)🍭

  • NikolaosProdromidisNikolaosProdromidis Posts: 1,291 Level 4

    Yes, we cannot put a penalty to the innocents!

    And yes, we don't know who left a game on purpose and who because of "no internet" problem!

    For me discussion ends here, unless if we want to continue only for the discussion and expressing our feelings about it!

    But, IMO, we cannot continue this discussion for penalties, or actions that can be taken to "correct" this problem! 😎

  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 2,376 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @NikolaosProdromidis

    Seems like you have another flag too Jelly Brother!....A sensible voice of reason :0) Gotta love that!!

    🌻 Be Considerate πŸ‘‹ Be Friendly πŸ˜‚ Have sense of Humour 😎 Show Patience 🎈 Have Fun πŸŽͺ 🌼 Jelly (RC)🍭

  • cheers2ucheers2u Posts: 47 Level 2

    I live in the USA, land of the free. I always give my opponent the opp to have that last move. If I know I’ve lost and they take forever to make their final move, I’m out. Not sure how one can control that. Keep calm and play on and certainly, don’t sweat the small stuff!


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