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Friends Jelly Games: It's Jelly time! (ENDED)

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 10,051 Community Manager
edited January 13 in Contests

Welcome to the Second Quest of the Friends Jelly Games!

Title: Time to spread Jelly!

Objective: Spread more jelly than the other teams!

Rewards: Gold Bars and the chance to win a badge!

Dear Jellylicious & Friendly Crushers,

It’s time to start the second quest in our Friends Jelly Games, here in the Jelly Community. Which team will spread the most jelly? 

💰️ What can we win?

  • Gold Bar prize: Gold (120 Gold Bars ) , Silver (80 Gold Bars) , Bronze (40 Gold Bars), to be divided among the members of the winning teams
  • The chance to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze badge at the end of the Friends Jelly Games (the teams with the most Jam and Jelly spread adding up both quests will win them!) 

📃Time to talk about the rules: 

  • Teams must participate in both quests with at least 1 screenshot in each quest (at least 1 member of each team has to post a screenshot)
  • Each team member has to post at least 1 screenshot during the challenge (if you didn't post any screenshot in the last quest, please post one here so that your ream can qualify for the Gold, Silver and Bronze badges)
  • Take a screenshot at the beginning of a level and a second screenshot showing the level has been completed, so we can see how much Jelly has been spread
  • Post both screenshots in the same comment
  • Each team can post max. 21 tries, regardless of the amount of players the team consists of
  • Only Jelly Queen levels are acceptable
  • A team can repeat the same Jelly Queen level, but each member must post different levels. That means if player A and B are in a team, player A can play level X only once, and player B can play the same level again

📅 How long will the competition be open?

The competition starts today and will be open until the 13th of December, 5 pm CET

🤩Bonus badge!

Remember you can cheer for your team or for your friends, and get your Friends Jelly badge to commemorate the competition HERE

These are the teams that have registered to the competition: 

Homemade Jam: @PummyRaj , @aijaziqbal , @Andres-2 and @DieOmimi

Mustard Hiding Devils: @DaniTheOG , @Nix66 , @gr33n3y3z and @headoperations

Legendary 4♠️s: @rebelchild , @me6412 , @siti_payung and @CassD  

Jammin' Friends: @BQN537 , @LoveDachs , @MollyS , @Racoon7

Gummy bears: @fabke @MountainMom @Spinnifix

Jelly Heroines: @wykoon , @KCullen127 , @GlenysB @bekicrusher

Treat Yo Self: @istuff   @Anahita_2005

Jam Slammers: @nobelove , @EOTheGr8 , @NamTruong2001 , @Moh1977

Playing in a 1 member team:

Jellyficient Jellyfier: @Lady_Sarina



No more teams will be accepted. If you want to participate for a chance to win this quest's Gold Bars (not the badges anymore!), you can still do it on your own.

Terms & Conditions here

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