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Something big is going on - what could it be?

ElsaElsa Posts: 33,336 Community Hub Moderator

Have you heard that something big is coming to the Farm Heroes Saga Community on Monday, 28 September?

What could it be?

Tiffi knows but she is not telling anyone.

Yeti is trying to find out the secret on his tablet.

Nutcracker has no clue.

What could it be?

"We need to know," Nutcracker says. "Yeti type in Google the date and Farm Heroes Saga  Community. Let's see if something comes up. No huh? What could it be?"

Let's ask the community members here if they can help us.

"Hey guys, we need your help," Yeti says. "Can you help us figure out what might be happening next Monday?"

For those of you who have never played Farm Heroes Saga this might be a good time to add it to your King game list. It’s a match-3 game and you will be introduced to the Dairy District cropsies and best of all, you will get to play against Rancid

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