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Fun facts about jelly

AshrafAshraf Posts: 8,481 Sweet Legend

Fun facts about jelly


Wobble, wobble goes the jelly.

  • Jelly is a sweet food item made primarily of gelatine, a flavour and a sweetener.
  • ‘Jelly’ is also known as ‘jello’, ‘gelatine’ and ‘gelatine dessert’.
  • Jelly was originally made by using the gelatine from an animal, most commonly a young cow’s foot, and mixing the extract with sugar and fruit juice.
  • Jelly is often used for dessert, typically moulded into shapes, or used in cakes or put into cups.
  • Home-made jelly is most commonly made by dissolving gelatine, sweetener and fruit juice into a hot liquid, such as water, and allowing the mixture to cool and set.

  • Jelly is often commercially sold as ‘instant’ crystals or powder in packets, as shots or as solid cubes.
  • Gelatine, which is mainly protein and a significant ingredient in jelly, can be replaced with similar gel making carbohydrates that come from plants.
  • Some fruits when unprocessed, such as pineapple, figs, papaya and kiwifruit contain enzymes that break up gelatine, so including these fruits does not allow jelly to set.
  • Jelly is high in sugar and contains a high portion of phosphorus and sodium.
  • Jelly, when set, has a spongy texture and is often described as ‘wobbly’, and it comes in many different colours, coloured by food colouring, additives and/or fruit juice.

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  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 8,481 Sweet Legend

    12 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Jelly Beans

    1. The origin of jelly beans is kind of a mystery, but they’re thought to be a descendant of Turkish Delight or Jordan Almonds.
    2. The modern day jelly bean was promoted to Union Soldiers during the Civil War.
    3. To create the hard outer shell of a jelly bean and keep the inside gooey, a process is used called “panning.”
    4. In the early 20th century, “jelly bean” was a slang term for a man who put forth great effort to dress stylishly.
    5. Jelly beans became a regular penny candy in the 1900s and were the first confection to be sold by weight rather than price.
    6. Each color of jelly bean used to be sold separately.
    7. In the 1930s, Easter became the most popular time for jelly bean consumption.
    8. There are 16 billion jelly beans manufactured solely for Easter. (That’s enough to circle the Earth 3 times.)
    9. Jelly beans were President Reagan’s favorite candy and for his first inauguration, 7,000 pounds of jelly beans were ordered and distributed. (Jelly Belly created a new flavor, Blueberry, specifically for the event.)
    10. It can take anywhere from 7 to 21 days to make a jelly bean.
    11. In 35 jelly beans, there are about 130 calories and 37 grams of sugar.
    12. Most jelly bean assortments include 8 different flavors.


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