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Jelly Characters Feedback 🤔



  • shafer223shafer223 Posts: 180 Level 3

    Hi @Lady_Sarina

    I won't be much help on design because I'm colorblind.as far as character's go cupcake Carl looks like he has had a stroke too much sideways face ,licorice Larry distinguished yes but far from a gentleman or at least not when I battle him . I can't afford to buy all the boosters for extra help so everything I obtain is from the side games. Special note I usually place top 5 in RC which gives you unlimited life for a while I use that to win the side games last week I passed 34 levels doing that thank you and keep up the great work

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  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 3,439 Jelly Moderator

    @janeau_owl I have to agree with the pink and side games needing some work 👍

    @shafer223 I love your humour and laughing out loud at it, thank you! Carl could definitely do with a new smile🤣😎

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 20,172 Sweet Legend



    I'm a Papa Pear fan and every episode looks great and I just like this one. In Jelly, it's all kind of the same. Each episode should have a different topic, that would make it friendlier. There is so much. I love the 4 seasons for example. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Then there are the holidays, Easter and Christmas. You could have a party or a vacation. A small play area, that means ball games. Children's birthday and so on. I hope it helps!!

  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 3,208 Soda Moderator
    edited May 29

    Old Larry -Many thought this guy was a little bit creepy! 🤣🤣

    However the concept was a start! 😅

    Really 😂😂

    I find the current one a bit creepy lol. but yeah the old one looks too much like Bugs Bunny

    the monklings are cute.

    I love the graphics in CCJS, I don't mind the bright colors personally. They used to be more daring and themes were different every 20 levels. I remember I was very excited to find out what was next. now, where I am in the map (1800) every block of levels between portals looks the same and colors are softer (just a feeling, I've being seeing dull yellow, light green and pink for over 150 levels this week. nothing unpleasant to see but I was a bit bored 😆. maybe I'll see different palettes in the next episides lol). I understand it, it's easier this way for the graphic designers and maybe it makes the app less heavy.

  • David_WolfsonDavid_Wolfson Posts: 26 Level 2

    Gotta be honest, I play the game mostly in spite of the characters (which manage to be both grotesque and infantile), not because of them. The changing map backgrounds are fun, but not essential.

    I like the side games, especially since they were changed to allow progressing through all five in a row. Because I'm often completing new levels as fast as they're being posted, the side games keep me from having to wait for new levels. And it's great to revisit old levels now that there have been so many of them! (Every time we reach another 1,000 mark, I keep expecting King to say, "Okay, that's plenty!")

    I also like the variety of game play—I had no idea the different types had names, but that's one of the primary reasons I'm still doing this thousands of levels in. You never know what's going to be next.

    All of the attempts to connect players—Fishing with Friends, the Mission—fall flat to me. I'm fine with them as long as they don't interrupt the game play too much.

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 15,251 Friends Moderator

    @Lady_Sarina I like the new Larry and the monks are cute. I don't think the monks need to be spruced up. 

    In terms of colors, a little more season color could be brought into the game. Spring green, summer yellow, autumn with a light brown and winter perhaps with blue - not too dark. The baby pink is nice but not pretty. I've gotten used to it but I think it's more colourful.  

    Maybe it would be a good thing to introduce something like an episode race or a reward if you've reached the end of an episode (in Candy Crush there are gold bars if you're among the first). 

    I would also like to see a custom team in team games. Right now, I'm almost the only one who does the job in a team game. 

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 20,172 Sweet Legend

    I also thought of a team, like in Candy Friends. Because that's great and so is F5 in Candy Crush. But with 20 players it would be better and collect the quest. Maybe you could also introduce quests here to collect. Because there is in every game.

    @Lady_Sarina @DieOmimi

    What do you think about it? 😎

  • Andres-2Andres-2 Posts: 2,166 Level 4
    edited May 29

    Thanks for the tag @Lady_Sarina

    Many questions to answer

    What would you like the theme to be or how could it be better reflected in the art, styling, graphics, Episode backgrounds to be modern and not boring?

    Change the font for another.

    Charecter Design?

    Cupcake Carl need a modern update like they did with Liquorice Larry

    Backgrounds and Episodes?

    It varies for other more striking colors except pink.

    Level design and layout?

    Add a new game mode, new blockers to give variety to the levels.

    CCJS the latest blocker came out on May 8, 2019, the other CC, CCS, CCF have great variety.






    CCJS has eight candies toggle on some boards

    Have custom color schemes, which means that any color can appear at any level, regardless of how many colors appear.

    They rarely appear Level 4512

    Side Games?

    Temporary parallel games in the book, for example, events for the arrival of spring, summer, fall, winter

    Jenny, Jelly Queen, Cupcake Carl, Liquorice Larry, Red Rabbit, dressed for the occasion like Christmas.

    Or events for the arrival of a new blocker, for all players to try.

  • CassDCassD Posts: 4,229 Level 4

    Hi @Lady_Sarina,

    I don't have much input, as I've not been playing very long.

    I don't like Cupcake Carl at all and think he could do with some improvement.

    I also think that there is far too much girlypink and other similar colours in the backgrounds and it's sometimes difficult to focus because of that.

    I've never encountered any of the side games yet, so can't comment on those, except to say that a return from, say, level 4 to level 1, if you fail once, would definitely out me off playing them.

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