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Level 91 Jelly is not even considered to be a difficult level yet why is it so hard to get 3 stars?

Echo2092 Posts: 1

I've played this for months.  It's not supposed to be difficult as in it's not red yet It is so difficult to get a high enough score to get even 2 stars at times it seems impossible to get 3.  I've used boosters and every other imaginable means of increasing points and I get no where. I've gotten beyond it but because I've gotten all three stars on all other levels I am determined but beyond aggravated.  It's supposed to be fun.  Now I'm just annoyed.  Seems like it needs to be fixed.  What's up with this level? 


  • KingsPinn
    KingsPinn Posts: 3,526 Level 2

    I can understand the want, for having 3 stars in each level but don't forget it's the third star for a reason. It's not gonna be easy to achieve in every level. My 2 cents, if you've passed the level then move on and enjoy the other levels. 

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