Level 2620 feedback

dlschaffnerdlschaffner Posts: 11
Level 2620 needs either more moves or fewer golden monkeys required 


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,571 Superstar
    Hi @dlschaffner, welcome to our community.  I am not that high up in the levels yet.  Are you still having trouble with this level or have you cleared it?  I would also like to take a moment to offer you a message for all newbies to learn more about our community which you can find here: 


  • dlschaffnerdlschaffner Posts: 11
    The same issue remains. I have still not cleared it. Thank you for the reply and the link. 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,571 Superstar
    I am going to tag @QueenB who is the community moderator for this game.  Maybe she can offer you some assistance.  She won't be in the office until Tuesday.
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,307 Community Moderator
    I haven't pass the level yet so I'm still plying... 🤪

    Checked with the studio and there are no issues, it's just a challenging level as usual. 

    Keep playing @dlschaffner and I'll keep an eye on this level 🤓

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here

  • dlschaffnerdlschaffner Posts: 11
    Thank you for your reply. I agree that there are not technical issues with the level but it is set-up so that it can’t be passed with out a significant number of boosts or purchasing additional moves. This follows a recent pattern of having an impossible level a few levels before the end until more levels are added. If the pattern holds this level will be adjusted and made passable once additional levels are added to the game. 
  • dlschaffnerdlschaffner Posts: 11
    Just as I predicted the level has been fixed now that more levels are added. This is definitely by design but it is an annoying pattern. The level has been made possible by having more orange candies produced and requiring fewer to create a monkey. It is now passable but the pattern of having an impossible level until more levels are created is frustrating. 
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