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  • Steveri

    I have a question for you. Just got a Kindle Fire 8HD and for some reason, King games do not want to work when it comes to connecting with your facebook account so you can get your saved level. It says it has trouble connecting. Any ideas? I did have it work the other night for a bit but then when I logged in again the next day, it didn't. I played around with the Fire settings, but could not find anything relevant.

    Thanks for responding in advance.


    November 30
    • Minatozaki

      Hello Steve!

      Regarding Kindle, we have some steps that you should try to follow.

      1) Restart: Close all apps and restart your device. Here's how to restart your device

      2) Check for game updates: Check for any updates for your device and apps in the Amazon Appstore.

      3) Clear Cache: We recommend you clear the cache frequently, following these steps:

      1. Menu
      2. Choose Settings
      3. Clear All Cookie Data.

      4) Check your device's memory. Ensure you have a minimum of 2 GB of free space on your device.

      Removing any unused Apps, pictures and videos can improve game performance. This can vary between devices but these steps should help:

      1. Enter your "Settings" menu
      2. Scroll to "General"
      3. Tap on “About”. This will display your current available storage

      5) Re-install: As a last resort, try deleting and then reinstalling the game. Just make sure your game is safely backed up to your King or Facebook account before taking this step.

      Remember, be sure to try all of the above options.

      Also, please be aware that any Boosters or extra Lives stored in the game may be lost in the process of carrying out these steps, so it's worth trying to use them up before deleting and reinstalling the game.

      If none of these work, please contact our support directly, if you're able to (of course)

  • yahoser

    All this ommu ity stuff is giving me a headache

    November 26
    • Minatozaki

      Is there anything I can help you with?

      Sorry I didn't see your comment before

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