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Oakley_Arney Level 3

I’m not sure if this is where I ask for help but I’m gonna go for it and hope Elsa is able to view this!!! Elsa “HELP! 3987 is so insanely impossible there are people deleting without even askin for help through the community! YouTube vids (Johnny Crush and many others) only have 10 yellow candies to collect. The mobile players have 19!!! In 26 moves, without Boosters and all of the insane amount of blockers, if you do the math this is physically impossible! Double CB takes the marmalade off of the lucky candy, breaks down 1, only one layer of the waffles and there are bricks galore and an entire screen of waffles, you can then move your full froggy down to the portal where the luckys will turn yellow once matches but this is if your have the luck of getting 3 that DO MATCH! please please help!!”


  • Not much happening here, yet.

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