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  • Thanks everyone!
  • i got it back! I just had to turn it off and back on again!! Thanks everyone
  • Wow! It just got worse! Now I lost Fab 5 and I had a great team! Bummer!
  • Understood! I’ll try to see if that works.
  • I agree and it’s misleading! There is a button above that give the option to play on ten, which of course you understand you are using 10 gold bars if selected. Yet under it is the insidious WIN moves!!! If I select it, I have to give up 7 gold bars!! Really! How is that WINNING anything?
  • Understood, well I’ve expressed my feedback, hopefully someone is listening.
  • Thanks but I don’t like the timed boosters nor the inability to win with using gold bars. I understand each player has personal preferences, but for me this is a major disappointment and dissatisfier!!! If they want to test new features that in my opinion takes away from my experience, why not just text one??? Why two…
  • This is why I hate CC new ways to cheat it’s users; look at what I got for a booster😡
  • I have come to believe no one at CC reads or cares about our posts! It’s all about the money! Its very clear their goal is to set the board in such a way that it will cause you to buy boosters. I will NEVER buy boosters!!!!!! So whatever con they are trying, will stop with me!
  • I’ve also noticed after 39 pages of continually expressing our discontent over timed boosters that the comments have slowed down too. But I’m seeing more concerned posted on Facebook. I don’t know whether King is listening or not, but one thing for sure, I’m not spending one dime on boosters. Period!!!!
  • @"Jelly Jenny" Respectfully, how much more specific can the Kingsters get? We have been explicit with our discontent for timed boosters. Your comments solidified my intuition that no one is reading (or understanding) the 34 pages of complaints. Not to mention, hundreds more on Facebook book and under various other topic…
  • @Elsa @bearwithme @"Jelly Jenny" it seems that you are Superusers who have a better understanding of the pains we are going though with timed boosters; given this fact and more complaints pouring in daily, as well as on Facebook posts; what is the direct contact to King Corporate? Frankly, I’m not sure that anyone on the…
  • I have both; time calendar (alternating days) and timed sugar drops. Both are useless! Still discontented🤨
  • @bearwithme @jenny jelly Please give us an update as promised! It’s obvious that we have communicated our discontent with timed boosters; it’s time to respect us and reply to our numerous concerns
  • @George923 You can go back to the first page of comments. Notice right below your comment you’ll see the pages numbering. Right now we are on page 30. Once you go back to page one, then scroll to the bottom( you’ll see where to vote.
  • @"Jelly Jenny", @bearwithme told us that we would get an update in mid- August from developers regarding the timed boosters. I’m sure they are back from vacation because I’m seeing tons of Facebook posts. There are hundreds (if not more) comments on different threads about players dissatisfaction with timed boosters of any…
  • Now it’s gone too far! First timed boosters as rewards for Sugar Drops, now timed booster on Daily Treat calendar!! Really? Is ANYONE looking at all these complaints from your customer base??! You DO want us to have an enjoyable game experience, RIGHT?!?!? Get rid of this timed junk so we can enjoy the game again.
  • Exactly! I was going to play after several wins using the Buildabot boosters. Mine is gone too; taking with it my boosters that I won!!! What’s going on with King???? The programmers need to make this epic fail right!!! Get rid of timed boosters when you come back from vacation next month and fix the glitches!
  • I noticed that only 152 people have voted as of June 17 to revert sugar drop and other boosters back from their current timed status. The vote tabulation is under bearwithme on of CC Superstar. I’m not sure if all the complaints are tabulated. Either way, King please do the right thing. Everyone is displeased. Maybe ask us…
  • I want to express my dissatisfaction for the recent changes to include timed boosters; including those that appear on daily treat calendar (new change) and time boosters after sugar drops are collected. I find these changes to be disheartening. You clearly do not have the best interest of your customer when you offer a .15…

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