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  • Old, but very relevant. Understanding this and stop signing into Facebook to play CCS. If 80 million people stopped playing overnight (270M play globally), that would have an impact on the game rewards. King developers…
  • Folks, as long as you keep playing and only "threaten" to quit, but continue to play, they watch the metrics extremely close and if few quit, then they have a new standard. High majority of people continue to play when the rules change and the bar moves higher, but complain only. Some will pay, most will not. Remember, as…
  • I found this out today on my computer. I will no longer play on a desktop. My phone hasn't reverted to this money-grab greed. If/when so, I will delete the app. Makes the game completely unusable past level 2000 as majority require Boosters in order to pass (in a reasonable amount of time...)

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