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Charly-4 Level 3

I logged on tonight for the first time in days and was offered and completed the quest to initiate the Space Race. I got the "Let's Go" pop-up and then I proceeded to play levels that would give me lots of color bombs.  I collected about 600 in a short time but was not given them and in fact the Space Race disappeared suddenly even though it is only Sunday night.  What gives?  


  • My episode race came back a couple of days ago! Hope it stays.
  • How can you lose upgrades on your treat machine when you log on at the same time each day? This has happened more than once to me. If you get a treat every 24 hours and always log on around the same time, it shouldn't lose upgrades ever. Not happy!
  • Mine is still gone and has been for a few weeks. There is currently no way at all to win any gold bars. I'm on the last 10 levels currently.
  • My episode race disappeared just today. It was fine this morning but is gone tonight. What's up?
  • The candy box prizes are minimal in comparison to what you need to do to get them. Who in their right mind would use a party popper booster or 4 switch hands just to win one lolly or 2 striped wrapped? What is the rationale behind that? You should not be presented with having to use boosters just to win lesser boosters!…
  • It has now happened again on another level. Both times it has happened on levels with the ribbons or "wrappers" whatever they are called. I was on Firefox where I usually play. Switched to Safari and it worked. I played a few levels successfully in between the two levels that didn't work- some of which had the wrappers.…
  • Yet another update. Played the level on Safari and it worked finally but will still not work on iphone, Firefox and Chrome OR playing a second time on Safari. It is as if it worked just one time suddenly and then never again. I am able to play the next level with no issues but cannot go back to play 11324 on any device or…
  • I have also just now tried the level on my iphone and have the identical issue. I downloaded the game and synched my progress and cannot get the level to work on my iphone either. Is there a way to by pass this level? Please help!
  • Cleaning the cache didn't work. What is the solution? Can I just bypass this level somehow? Also why does the party popper freeze when used on this level? I use one and it works and the next one freezes. Don't want to waste any more of them.
  • It works on the previous level where the ribbons or Wonderful Wrapper is all blue. Nothing works for me on 11432. Restarting did not work either.
  • Here is a screen shot. In the first shot you can see purple candies in position to be collected next to the purple ribbon and in the second shot you can see that despite the candies being collected, the ribbon remains. You can see all the other purple ribbons on the board uncollected as well.
  • Yes. The level will not allow me to remove the purple ribbons. The other colors remove fine but purple won't at all even with specials.
  • I am using my laptop (Mac) and playing on Facebook.
  • I anxiously looked forward to passing level 11000 in order to get boosters as a reward and got nothing! Why are there no rewards for this level as there are for all other 1000 level wins?
  • It's a temporary glitch that King is aware of and is working to fix (this was explained on a previous comment before yours.) Mine worked fine this morning on FB but hasn't for the past few hours.
  • Why are we FORCED to add friends or click on the option in order to continue on with the game? When I click on my profile and attempt to click on "me" so that I can see my stash of boosters, the add more friends option appears and will not go away unless I click to accept and add friends. We should be able to opt out and…
  • Mine works sporadically. Yesterday it worked and today it is gone. Never any rhyme or reason to it although I notice that once I am almost done challenges to collect a prize, it vanishes. Coincidence? Not likely. Also, on the subject of the chocolate box, why on earth would anyone chose to use a party popper or flying…
  • YES!! So tired of them. And some FORCE you to click on them- adding friends for example- in order to even play. You can't close the pop up without adding friends. Between collecting scrolls, the piggy bank, candy chronicles, fantastic five, candy royale and who knows how many others, it is just ridiculous.
  • Today my deluxe chocolate box magically reappeared but when i clicked on it, it told me it was too late to play the fourth challenge and collect a prize. Well of course it is too late- you took the box away from me for days! Oy! On the plus side, my "daily treat machine" reappeared after a four day absence. I seriously…
  • Yes I have tried the fixes you suggest but to no avail. Having said that, the prizes offered for the deluxe chocolate box, whatever they are I don't know, can't be so great that someone would use a party popper as one of the challenges. Having to use boosters to win boosters usually of lesser value seems ridiculous to me!

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