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Grannysusu Level 2


  • PLEASE PLEASE King take this lives limit off , I have hardly any lives coming in and as said before am now thoroughly fed up. We win bonus of help for 30 mins but no lives, this isn’t fun anymore. Please can we go back as was before with unlimited lives sent. Says I’m allowed 50 but lucky if I get 5
  • I agree, I’m ready to jack the game in, issue been going on to long now. And we’re not all being treated the same, my sister still receiving loads of lives a day whilst I’ve had 5 in 2 days. Come on king , get your act together or you will be losing a lot of players
  • Stopped receiving lives again, this game is now getting boring, come on go back to letting us have unlimited lives. I don’t seem to be getting any even when my envelope has only 2/3 lives in it.
  • I’m so fed up not receiving lives. And why is my limit only 30. Used to get around 40 lives a day but have only received 3 for almost a week. If this carries on I won’t be playing anymore. Shame because I really enjoy game.

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