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HarryJack Level 2


  • That is the worst response I have ever seen from Candy Crush, so we complete level 10119 and because of a bug it doesn't end, so your solution is to force close and make us play this very hard level again. That is a very good way to get people to stop playing Candy Crush which has been getting worse and worse as the years…
  • I won the tournament and received some boosters but never received the 100 Gold Bars ???
  • Well King has done us all a BIG favor, by removing booster bots from previous levels they have made the game so much less enjoyable my screen time is down 20% which is a very good thing. We all spend too much time on our mobile devices anyway, so thank you King for helping me reduce my screen time substantially by making…
  • My ID is 2041531601 and would like to get my Gold bars back that disappeared after updating the game recently please 
    in Gold bars Comment by HarryJack July 2019
  • I recently updated Candy Crush on my Iphone and it wiped out all my Gold Bars, how do I get them back.
    in Gold bars Comment by HarryJack July 2019
  • How does one contact King as there is a bug in the Apple IOS version that I have proved over and over and have stopped playing because of that. You can have maximum build a bot and then if you change to see a different app on the iPhone, when you go back to Candy Crush the bots are all gone. Why waste time on a game like…
  • I have also noticed contests being hacked. How does someone get over 9000 color bombs in less than 12 hours, that is not possible, this is really putting me off playing the game as it is no fair contest against a hacker
  • I totally agree and share all the views posted here. I am playing less and less because of this as well and starting to lose interest

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