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Hazel1970 Newbie


  • Level 10548 is impossible. The Youtubers get 28 moves but is minions only get 20. it’s not really very fair to make certain levels easy for one set of players and impossible for others. it isn’t very fair to expect loyal players to continually buy boosters to get to a new level.
  • I didn’t realise there was an advent calendar and extra bonuses until today. I don’t have any of them. Candy Crush are sucking all the fun out of the game. It has literally become impossible and when there boosters from game play are missing it takes a day to get past a boring level to be hit with another boring level. I…
  • The levels on CC are getting ridiculous. I normally get through all three levels in two or three days. These are going on forever even buying gold bars doesn’t help because then you get stuck on the next one. King you need to cut down the new levels to one release a week or make the levels less hard. Level 9234 is supposed…

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